T-Mobile G1 with Google – First Phone to Run on Android – Video and Pictures

T-Mobile G1 - Google Phone & Apple iPhone together

T-Mobile G1 - Google Phone & Apple iPhone together

T-Mobile today unveiled the highly anticipated T-Mobile G1 – the first phone to run on Android, the innovative open source mobile phone software platform. The Android Market allows users of the T-Mobile G1 to choose from a variety of applications in order to tailor their phone to suit their lifestyle. The T-Mobile G1 will be available exclusively from T-Mobile in the UK before Christmas this year.

The T-Mobile G1 has full touch-screen functionality and a QWERTY keyboard, which makes navigating the different functions of the device easy. It’s perfect for whatever communication users prefer, whether it’s calling, texting, email, or having instant messenger conversations. It’s also optimised for accessing the internet on your phone, so users can keep up-to-date with social networking sites such as Facebook, search for locations on Google Maps, or upload photographs to image-sharing websites.

The T-Mobile G1 is also the first phone to provide access to Android Market, where customers can find and download unique applications to expand and further customise their phone to fit their lifestyle.

Summary points:

– This is the first phone to offer access to Android Market, which will host hundreds of unique applications and mash ups of new and existing services from developers around the world.

– T-Mobile and Google teamed up with manufacturer HTC to integrate the phone’s form and function. The T-Mobile G1’s vibrant, high quality screen slides open to reveal a full QWERTY keyboard. As another option for accessing the device, the T-Mobile G1 comes equipped with a convenient trackball for more precise, one-handed navigation.

– A full HTML internet browser allows users to see any website the way it was designed to be seen, and then easily zoom in to expand any section by simply tapping on the screen.

– With built-in support for T-Mobile’s 3G (HSDPA) network as well as Wi-Fi, the T-Mobile G1 automatically connects to the best available high-speed data connection for surfing the internet and downloading information quickly and effortlessly.

– The T-Mobile G1 will be available for free on price plans from Pounds Sterling 40 a month, which will include unlimited mobile internet browsing(i).


Google Chrome Browser – First Impressions

Google's Chrome Web Browser

Google's Chrome Web Browser Screen Shot

Google's Chrome Web Browser

Google's Chrome First Impressions

Google Launched the “beta” version of it’s long anticipated Chrome Browser yesterday, Sept. 2, 2008.

Google Chrome, one of the worst kept secrets in modern computing, promises to provide faster browsing, and an easy to understand environment.

While those benefits might help us consumers right now, Google’s long term strategy behind Chrome is to better support web-based applications, and of course, to get a foothold on our desktops. Yes, it can be said that Google Chrome is Google’s first serious attempt to chip away at the desktop operating system, like Windows and even Mac OS.

The future, as Google sees it, is a web-based world, and they are either just plain right, or it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Either way, Google wins.

Watch the video of Google Chrome Browser on ignitecast.com

Google’s new web browser

Google Chrome (BETA) for Windows

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

One box for everything
Type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and web pages.

Thumbnails of your top sites
Access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab.

Shortcuts for your apps
Get desktop shortcuts to launch your favorite web applications.

Click here to go to the download page of Google Chrome