Anthrax Scare at Ford Field

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“High School Musical 3” leads worldwide box office – Trailer

Senior Year

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year”, the first big-screen adaptation of Walt Disney Co’s popular TV movie franchise, rocked movie theaters around the world during its first weekend of release, the company said on Sunday.

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The movie sold $42 million worth of tickets across North America for the three days beginning on Friday, and grossed $40 million internationally. It was No. 1 by both counts, becoming the first worldwide chart-topper since the Batman sequel “The Dark Knight” in July, Disney said.

The “High School Musical” franchise has generated two smash TV movies, two chart-topping albums, and made teen idols out of its stars, Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale. 
The plot of the new film brings the cast back to their fictional New Mexico high school, where Troy (Efron) must decide between pursuing a basketball scholarship or his song-and-dance dreams. The usual teen-angst issues ensue.

Elsewhere at the North American box office, “Saw V” came in at No. 2 with $30.5 million, in line with the previous three installments in the horror franchise. The series was released by Lionsgate, a unit of Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.

Last weekend’s champ, the Mark Wahlberg thriller “Max Payne” slipped to No. 3 with $7.6 million, taking its 10-day haul to $29.7 million. The film was released by 20th Century Fox, a unit of News Corp.

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Lifetime has ‘Sex and Lies,’ little on sin

Mekeisha Madden Toby / Detroit News Television Critic

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The name of Lifetime’s new made-for-TV movie is “Sex and Lies in Sin City: The Ted Binion Scandal,” but there’s only one problem. There is too much sex and sin and not enough city.

Sex and Lies in Sin City

Sex and Lies in Sin City

Seriously, how can you have a movie based in Las Vegas and show very little of the lights and grit that make the city what it is? Not to mention the fact that Binion (Matthew Modine) is a casino-owning billionaire, and showing how and where he made his money would’ve been nice.

To be fair, the movie, which is based on a true story, is mostly about Binion’s possible murder/suicide case. That said, the man did have a life and a fast-paced, hard-partying reputation, and that is glossed over all too quickly.

Instead, “Sex and Lies in Sin City” focuses on Binion’s girlfriend, Sandy Murphy (a strut-happy Mena Suvari), a former stripper who was accused of killing Binion. A married Rick Tabish (Jonathan Schaech), Binion’s business partner and employee of sorts, is also accused of having an affair with Murphy and helping her kill Binion.

Marcia Gay Harden delivers the flick’s best performance as Binion’s bitter sister, Becky Binion. At every turn, Harden spews more vitriol than Cruella De Vil with a bad hair day. But Harden is never cartoonish with her cruelty, just frighteningly convincing. She’s positive that Sandy and Rick are guilty and is willing to do anything in her power to put the pair away.

Unfortunately, Modine’s portrayal is harder to believe. The actor, who is younger and far more attractive than the real-life Binion was, looks uncomfortable playing a pill-popping, heroine-smoking playboy in the movie’s flashbacks, and that, too, takes away what little glitz this movie has.

Who is Soloman Grundy?

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Soloman Grundy has been referred to a lot in the popular culture in relation with Batman, Superman and

Solomon Grundy

Solomon Grundy

different novels etc. Its a fictional character made popular as a supervillain in most of the stories.

The name “Solomon Grundy” is believed to have derived from the English food Salmagundi, which was integrated into the English language from the French in the 17th century, and is a salad of cooked meats, lettuce, anchovies and eggs, with other condiments. The name of the salad was corrupted in the 18th century to Solomon Gundy, particularly in the United States.

It was basically a 9th century children’s nursery rhyme, and was presented by James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps in 1842. The poem is essentially a riddle in which the life of Solomon Grundy appears to take place in the process of a single week, the answer being that each day’s events represent the seven ages of man.

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end of
Solomon Grundy.

Later Solomon Grundy came out as a fictional character published by DC Comics, a large, strong zombie supervillain bearing a resemblance to Frankenstein’s monster. He is an enemy of Green Lantern, Batman and Superman. He first appeared in All-American Comics #61 (October 1944).

Grundy possessed superhuman strength and invulnerability. He didn’t need any form of sustenance, such as food or air, to survive, and he didn’t physically age. Grundy could absorb certain forms of energy, such as radiation and magic. Each time Grundy died he was invariably resurrected. Each resurrection altered Grundy’s mental and physical state. These various forms of Grundy reflected different aspects of Cyrus Gold’s personality. Grundy’s most common form was savagely brutal yet mentally childlike.

Will Ferrell, Tina Fey Unite as Bush and Palin on SNL

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On Saturday Night Live’s final Thursday night election show of the season, SNL once again brought out the guest star power. After Saturday night’s show with Sarah Palin, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg, SNL looked to finally run out of famous pairings and impressionists. But for the last SNL Thursday special,

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin - Will Ferrell as GWB

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin - Will Ferrell as GWB

the show ended the run by pairing it’s two most famous impressions of the last eight years- Will Ferrell’s George Bush and Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin.

Ferrell returned to SNL as Bush, under the premise of Bush coming out of his “bummer free zone” to give a prime time, super hyped endorsement to John McCain and Sarah Palin. Whether John McCain wanted it or not.

Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin wanted it as she appeared with Ferrell’s Bush, uniting the two famous SNL caricatures as well as Palin and Bush themselves, who are already linked negatively by their critics. To Palin’s credit, Fey’s version at least knew that the Vice President was less powerful than the President, unlike Ferrell’s Bush.

Darrell Hammond also played John McCain, who was literally hunted down by Todd Palin in Alaska and dragged to the Oval Office. There, Bush gave his super damaging endorsement while Fey’s Palin winked and posed and McCain tried desperately to leave.

Ferrell likely got more laughs as Bush in the sketch than he did in his last few movies combined. SNL certainly missed having Ferrell play Bush over the years. Since Ferrell left, Chris Parnell, Hammond, Will Forte and Jason Sudeikis have tried and mostly failed to play Bush over the years on Saturday Night Live. None of them could match up to Ferrell.

That may provide a preview of what SNL will be in for once Tina Fey departs as Sarah Palin. However, the show still has two more Saturday night shows and one more after election night for Fey to come back a few more times.

No rest for the weary: Birds fly from Alaska to New Zealand, nonstop

Map of Bar tailed godwit journey

Map of Bar-tailed godwit journey

The bar-tailed godwit, a plump shore bird, has blown the record for nonstop, muscle-powered flight right out of the sky. A study being published today reports that godwits can fly up to 7,242 miles nonstop in their annual fall migration from Alaska to New Zealand. The previous record, set by eastern curlews, was 4,000 miles from eastern Australia to China. The godwits flew for five to nine days, tracked by satellite. The birds weigh no more than 1.5 pounds when they leave. Half of that is fat, which they burn off completely during the flight. The route they take is the shortest and safest to fly. — The Washington Post

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‘Fireproof’ starts showings today

Sep 26, 2008 – 04:05:19 CDT

The third movie produced by a Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., will be shown in Bismarck starting today and running through Thursday, Oct. 2.

“Fireproof”, the third in a series of movies with a Christian theme, stars Kirk Cameron (Mike Seaver of the TVseries, “Growing Pains”) as firefighter and town hero trying to reconcile with his wife.

Through a member, Riverwood Baptist Church in Bismarck raised the $6,000 needed to bring the movie to Bismarck on its opening weekend. Only 1,000 prints were made of the movie, so a guarantee of 1,000 tickets is required for the film to be released to a theater. Other churches in Bismarck and Mandan have come on board by purchasing and distributing tickets, said Todd Fuehrer, Riverwood pastor. Tickets have been purchased for all firefighters and city police officers as well as their spouses, he said.

The movie will play at the Grand Theatres in Bismarck. Shows are scheduled every day at 4, 7 and 9:30 p.m., and at 1:15 p.m. Saturday and Sunday for normal ticket prices.

The first two movies produced in the series were “Flywheel” and “Facing the Giants.”

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