Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders Show Too Much – Pictures

Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders

Idaho Vandals Cheerleaders

The University of Idaho has ordered that the Cover 2 defense be implemented. Not for the football team, for the cheerleaders. For the second time this season, changes have been ordered for the Vandals’ cheerleading squads. The first problem was with having the UI logo sewn onto the seat of the young ladies’ pants. Now the squads’ two-piece outfits with halter tops have been scrapped.

An editorial in the school newspaper, The Argonaut, said: Jaws dropped at the Vandal football game on Sept. 6, and it wasn’t because the football team finally won a game. It was because of the dress of the cheerleaders. There was an uproar about the taste level of the Vandal spirit squad’s uniforms with laced-up details and low cut halter-tops that didn’t seem to provide much support.

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9 Responses

  1. Well…I dont see that much so, they aint so pretty though, well they are but then again cheerleaders are supoused to go around smiling and wearing little clothes on, so I guess they fare ok, the brunettes are nice too.

  2. they don’t look too skimpy to me…

    so where’s the problem?

  3. hey, hey , hey, good look,hard times , hard templed you ladies ,

  4. Isn’t this what cheerleaders are supposed to wear? I have seen high school cheerleaders in much less, I don’t see the problem. Seems to me people are just nit picking as usual

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  6. I think this is confusing@!!!:(

  7. yall probley don’t know me but i am totally a cheerleading fan and sone day i hope to cheer again well even though i don’t know yall i still hope that yall place 1st in yalls next competition!!! well’ wish u luck idaho’s!! and this is keke

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